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Walking on Sunshine!!! Not So Fast


Yes, summer is over so we can forget about sunblock right? WRONG! Great article below about the aging and therefore wrinkling effects of the sun. Trust me, prevention is easier and less expensive that treatment, so avoid it or use sunblock. But don’t forget to take some Vitamin D supplementation as you will lose some when you don’t have sun exposure, but the trade off is well worth it.

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So What is Used to Perform Plastic Surgery?


Apprehensions abound prior to a patient having plastic surgery. Below is a quick visual guide to the visual aspects you might see right before having cosmetic surgery. It shows just images with no bloody material so you can allay some fears when the big day finally comes. Enjoy.

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Too Old for Cosmetic Surgery?


Many patients come in asking if they are tool old for cosmetic surgery. With patients living longer healthy and active lives, it is an increasing trend seen around the country, but especially in areas where the weather is warm and people are outside a bit more. My personal opinion, after  a thorough consultation with the patient is that if the have no medical contra-indications for surgery, that they have reasonable expectations of the results ( that they will look good  for their age but not look 2o years younger) and if they accept the limitations of surgery on older patients ( that the results will likely not last as long as in younger patients), it is fine to proceed. Usually I will encourage smaller procedures combined with fillers in order to decrease the time under anesthesia and shorten the recovery period, but if the are healthy, there is no reason to make them spend their latter years feeling that their outsides do not mesh with their insides. The article discussing it is below.

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Inherit the Wrinkle!


Plastic surgery can do wonderful things but we are limited by the person that we are being asked to perform the improvements on. An interesting article was published recently that I believe all people contemplating cosmetic surgery should read. We as plastic surgeons already know the limitations each individual has when they seek our advice, and many if not most are out of the plastic surgeon’s ability to control. One major factor in the how you age and how well you will age or maintain your appearance depends on genetics. Patients that come from families that aged slowly will typically age slowly also unless they have destructive habits. Having good genes inherited from your mother and father are your best bet in how to age well. Short of that and as a resort, yes there is surgery, but understanding that genetic make up will likely influence how well you will age, with or without cosmetic surgery, is a good thing to have a handle on since we cannot pick our parents.

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There Can Always Be Too Much


There are certainly many reasons to look for some type of cosmetic improvement and in some cases having it will increase one’s self-esteem. As plastic surgeons we try to define how much poor self-esteem exists within a patient in order to be able to advise them properly on what can or might be done. There are times when the patient needs some type of counseling first to get them emotionally better prior to having to make a choice about cosmetic surgery. Some patients unfortunately also have  a distorted view of their appearance and see things that do not exist. These patients have what is called body dysmorphic syndrome. Below is  a link to an article about a woman who said she was ‘addicted’ to plastic surgery. It appears that at times she chose legitimate surgeons but at other times when her desires would not be met by a real physician, she sought enhancements in back room lay people’s locations. Truly a sad story and likely a lady that might have been able to avoid many of her problems with appropriate counseling. There is a point where too much is done or asked for, and telling a patient to stop can be difficult from the surgeon’ standpoint, but it must be done for their own best interest.

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Buyer Beware!


Demand for cosmetic surgery has grown by leaps and bounds over the last decade. During that time, marketing has certainly increased and claims along with promises made have also shot up at an astronomical rate. Below is an article with words of caution regarding a franchise that is nationwide and it relates the second time they have been sanctioned for misleading statements. As always I urge caution. Cosmetic Surgery is still surgery, and although franchises might work well for McDonald’s, it is not the same for surgery. Ask your primary care physician for a referral or call the local county medical society for a referral.

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App Holding Your Emergency Medical Info

Many patients worry about what would happen if they got hurt requiring emergency treatment and the new doctor treating them does not know them and you might not be able to give out the needed medical information. There is a new app for your smartphone that can deliver your much needed information in case of an emergency.

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